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Refined, puristic version of the classic OVATION A 6.2 Integrated Class A/AB high current MOS-FET flagship amplifier · 2 x 180/300 W (8/4 Ω) · Class-A headphone amplifier · Fully balanced & DC coupled input stage · Revised power supply unit · Delivered in AVM OVATION Flightcase · Includes RC 3 full aluminum remote control · CELLINI Chromversion gegen Aufprei ovation sa 8.3 14.995 € 14.095,30 € Award-winning single-ended stereo amplifier with > 2 x 350 W · OVATION 803 T tube line stage · Unlimited power reserves with separate analog transformers L/R with 1kVA each · 24 high current MOS FETs per channel · Consistent dual-mono design for absolute load stability · Optional chrome front upon reques The Ovation CS 8.3 is modular, has a tube preamplifier and is supposed to deliver more than 2 x 500 W. It will be released in February in silver and black for almost 13,000 Euros. Older Ovation CS 8.2 and 6.2 can be upgraded with the new streaming engine for 1790 Euros from AVM factory service AVM Ovation PA 8.2. Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Modular input preamplifier. Jason Kennedy. AVM announced their 30th anniversary last year with a new entry level range and at this year's Sound & Vision Bristol show I asked MD.

The AVM Ovation CS 8.2 excels at reproducing these qualities provided they are present in the recording. The shimmer and decay of the piano is most notable as is the weighty timbres. You can get a good sense of the size of the room as well as the location of the sidemen throughout the entire recording AVM Ovation CS 8.2 Historically, all-in-one audio components have been looked down upon by serious audiophiles, who typically prefer big-boy, multi-piece component systems. I suppose the category's lack of respect is due in part to not-so-pleasant flashbacks to ancient my first stereos, such as KLH Model 11 suitcase units The Card-Carrying Ovation PA 8.2 Audio Video Manufaktur (AVM) is a 32-year-old German company that I think manufakturs no video products. AVM is all in with modular design. Their new flagship preamplifier, the Ovation PA 8.2 (base price $8995), like AVM's previous top preamp, has plug-in cards for both its inputs and outputs Integrated Amplifier of the all-new OVATION 6.2 Line Class A / AB High Current MOS-FET Technology 2 x 225 Watt / 8 Ohms 2 Balanced Inputs 5 Unbalanced Inputs Home Theatre Throughput Class-A Headphone Amplifier 22 kg, delivered in AVM OVATION flight case Specifications Amplifier Input sensitivity (25W/4 Ω) 20 mV -350 mV (adjustable) Input impedance high-level RCA 6,8 kΩ Signal-to-noise. The Ovation series is their current top of the line brand. After living with the AVM CS 6.2 for several weeks I've come to believe the V in the company name really stands for Versatile as this single device can play just about anything (except phono which requires a separate phono stage) the modern audiophile has to draw from

The mono and stereo power amplifiers in the AVM OVATION flagship series have long been ranked among the best power amplifiers in the world. Once again, the demand for a 100% precisely fitting PA 8.3 preamplifier was enormously high, yet simple at the same time: it just had to be perfect In über drei Jahrzehnten unseres Bestehens haben wir bei AVM viel erlebt. Zum Beispiel das Kommen und Gehen neuer Ideen oder Technologien. Aber bei allem Wandel und Fortschritt gab es bei uns auch immer eine Konstante, und darauf sind wir besonders stolz: Unsere Werte und unsere Visionen - die Handschrift unseres Unternehmens

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Like every Ovation MP 8.2 that AVM produces, my review sample was shipped in a rugged, foam-lined flight case weighing nearly as much as the unit itself. I installed the MP 8.2 on the middle shelf of my Box Furniture D3S rack (the player ran warm, but not alarmingly so), pressed into service its stock AC cord, flipped on its rear-panel mains switch, and pressed the front-panel Power button AVM AUDIO. AVM Audio har med sine 30 år blitt blant Tysklands ledende selskaper innen høykvalitets audioproduksjon. Med innovativ og modulær teknologi, høy brukervennlighet, samt strålende lyd & byggkvalitet - AVM Audio tilbyr ett rikt, prisgunstig og moderne utvalg AVM Ovation MP 8.2 - Läuft und läuft und läuft Ein Wanderer zwischen den Welten: Der AVM Ovation MP 8.2 ist eine echte digitale Schaltzentrale. Doch auf ein wenig analoges Flair muss sein Besitzer - glücklicherweise - nicht verzichten. Netzwerkspieler gibt es heute wie Sand am Meer AVM Ovation CS 8.2. As you would expect from an all-in-one-box solution, the AVM accepts a wide variety of inputs including one stereo pair of balanced XLR analog, one stereo pair of unbalanced analog RCA, FM tuner (if the FM tuner module is installed), USB-B,. Der CS 8.2 vereint die preisgekrönten Technologien der AVM OVATION Line in einem klangstarken All-in-One Gerät der Meisterklasse. Auch in puncto Ausstattung und Anschlussmöglichkeiten bietet der CS 8.2 eine komplette Auswahl: Alle gängigen Streaming-Formate werden unterstützt - ebenso ist ein CD-Laufwerk mit an Bord

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Elegant und zu gleich massive kommt das Flaggschiff von AVM daher. Der Ovation A 8.3 bildet die Spitze des Vollverstärker Programm im Hause AVM. Hinter der z.. AVM Ovation MA8.2 monoblock power amplifier Jason Victor Serinus | Mar 30, 2017 When I told him that I was looking for products to review in the reference system in my new 20' by 16' by 9' music room, he invited me to browse AVM's large catalog and see what tickled my fancy AVM Ovation SA 6.2 stereo amplifier Review. Print Article. By: Doug Schroeder | June 2017. I took up my position on the elliptical machine at the health club in the front row, the one that catches the morning sunlight. For twenty years I ran outdoors year-round and always enjoyed heading into the first rays of the day Please visit http://www.avshowrooms.com for the best high performance product videos on the Internet. We are the premier destination for high end audio equip..

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Home » Galleries » Manufacturer Showcase » AVM Ovation SD8.2 Streaming Pre Amplifier The new SD 6.2 and SD 8.2 heralds a completely new category of AVM components with streaming capabilities. Both components combine an analog pre-amplifier with 2 analog line inputs, DAC with DSD, streaming lient, web radio and a high performance headphone amp, all into one unit OVATION 803 T Tube Line Stage: Selected OVATION Solid-State Technology: OVATION 803 T Tube Line Stage: Selected OVATION Solid-State Technology: Network: LAN, UPnP, WiFi : Supported HiFi Music Streaming Services: QOBUZ & TIDAL : Webradio: Airable Internet Radio Service : TEAC Pure CD drive with slot-in, spring mounted, exclusively provided to AVM

So today we'll check into an ecstasy potential where raw pricing suggests elevated expectations. On hand are the valve-fitted AVM Evolution PA5.2 preamp and the pure solid-state Ovation SA8.2 power amp. The latter is fresh off the press and over the SA8 predecessors sports a few refinements. But not so quick. Evolution. Ovation AVM has been awarded with countless reference titles and our components are used worldwide as permanent reference instruments for numerous speciality audio magazines. The OVATION MA 8.2 and SA 8.2 power-amps rank amongst the very best power amplifiers already since many years The AVM Ovation SD 6.2 is a serious new entrant in this neo-Darwinian struggle. It combines an analog preamp with a DAC that can handle virtually any current digital music format from 32-bit/352kHz PCM to DSD128. It can also decode virtually any streaming format such as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and ALAC, as well as DSD AVM Ovation CS 8.2 compact streaming cd-receiver from 11,695.00 All-In-One CD-Receiver with 2 x 500 W & HiFi Streaming (TIDAL, Qobuz, UPnP, Webradio and more) · OVATION 803T tube line stage · Quad DAC · DSD128, 384kHz/32bit · Pure CD drive · Class-A headphone amplifier · Bluetooth 4.2 · Convenient control via RC S App for iOS & Android · Optional RC 9 remote control with color displa

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Both the CS 8.3 and the CS 6.3 unify the award winning technologies of the AVM OVATION Line into a high performance All-in-One Audiophile Masterpiece. Also in respect of connectivity, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 offer a complete selection: All common streaming formats are supported and a CD mechanism based on the exclusive TEAC drive for AVM are on board With the OVATION PH 8.3 phono preamplifier, adjustments can be made comfortably from the listening position to ideally reproduce different pickup systems, arms and vinyl players. As with all models of the OVATION 8 series, the output stage is an original OVATION tube stage with exclusive AVM 803 T tube technology and its unmistakably charming tube sound The AVM Ovation PA 8.2 consists of two main parts: the base unit and the separately available Plug-In Cards which may be arranged in any combination the customer chooses. The base unit features a massive and fully linear power supply which is a complete redevelopment by AVM and provides alone three vigorous power feeds in total for the analog (+/-) and digital domains of the audiophile.


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AVM Ovation PA 8.2 modular preamplifier. Back. Modular Flagship Preamplifier. Modular preamplifier with optional in/output modules: Line, Phono, DAC, FM Tuner, AVM OVATION 803 T tube module · Fully balanced & DC coupled signal path · Ball-bearing-mounted rotary controls · Includes RC 3 full aluminum remote control. TEAC Pure-CD drive with slot-in, spring mounted, exclusively provided to AVM MP 6.2: OVATION transistor-based high-level output MP 8.2: OVATION tube line stage with AVM803 double triode

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  1. AVM Audio produserer også egne platespillere av høyeste kvalitet. Ovation serie. AVM MP8.2 AVM MP6.2 AVM CD8.2 AVM CD6.2 Evolution serie. AVM MP3.2 AVM CD 3.2MKII AVM MP5.2 AVM CD5.2 Rotation serie. AVM Rotation R2.3 AVM Rotation R5.3 Acoustic Tuning. Vi er en.
  2. AVM Ovation CS 8.2 All-in-One System. $0 00. AVM Ovation MA 6.2 Mono Amplifiers. $0 00. AVM Ovation MA 8.2 Mono Power Amplifier 1250W / 4 Ohm. $0 00.
  3. AVM Ovation PA 8.2/SA 8.2 pre/power amplifier. Review: Andrew Everard, Lab: Paul Miller | Mar 1, 2018 Sitting at the top of the German company's range, this flexible pre and hefty stereo power amp are designed to take on the high-end's big names, and take no prisoners
  4. SOFORT LIEFERBAR - AVM Ovation A 6.2 Master Edition MOS-FET-Vollverstärker mit Class A/AB Hochstrom-Technologie, 2 x 180/300 W (8/4 Ω). Jetzt inklusive IsoTek EVO3 Premier Netzkabel. NEU und orginalverpackt. Sonderaktion! Der zur Master Edition gereifte Ovation 6.2 ist ein im klassischen Sinne perfekter Verstärkertraum mit hoher Leistung und Wertigkeit, guter Ausstattung und vor.
  5. Famous for their award-wining INSPIRATION, EVOLUTION and OVATION ranges, AVM, are Germany's premier High End audio manufacturers. They are renowned for combining musicality, innovative technologies and built quality with a breathtaking design. PMC Distribution UK is proud to make AVM's audiophile masterpieces available in the UK
  6. ds. The AVM-strategists have listened to what the consumers want: a very powerful all-rounder in the finest, purist packaging. Behind the beautiful Front of a power plant is at work. At four Ohms double 335 watts
  7. By Peter Breuninger- AVM Evolution PA5.2 Preamplifer, AVM Ovation PA-8 Preamplifer, AVM Ovation MA-8 Mono Amplifers, PA5.2 Evolution Preamplifer AVM PA8 Preamplifer, Continue reading AVM Audio Amplifiers

AVM Evolution A3.2 AVM Evolution A5.2T AVM Evolution CD3.2 AVM Evolution CD5.2 AVM Evolution CS5.2 AVM Evolution MA3.2S AVM Evolution MP3.2 AVM Evolution MP5.2 AVM Evolution PA 3.2 AVM Evolution PA5.2, PA5.2T AVM Evolution SA3.2 AVM Evolution SD3.2 AVM Evolution SD5.2 AVM Inspiration C2.2 AVM Inspiration CS 2.2 AVM Inspiration SD2.2 AVM OVATION. AVM Ovation A 8.3 Integrated Amplifier. Integrated Class A/AB high current MOS-FET amplifier · 2 x 200/330 W (8/4 Ω) · Bluetooth 4.2 · 5 Analog & 5 Digital Inputs · Class-A headphone amplifier · Fully balanced & DC coupled input stage · 22 kg · Delivered in AVM OVATION flightcase · Includes RC 3 full aluminium remote control. At a Glanc AVM OVATION SA 8.3 €15000 Award-winning single-ended stereo amplifier with > 2 x 350 W (4Ω) Unlimited power reserves with 2 toroidal main transformers (2 x 1000 VA) Fully balanced input stage with OVATION 803 T tube technology (2 specially designed AVM double triodes View and Download AVM OVATION SA8.2 operating instructions manual online. OVATION SA8.2 amplifier pdf manual download. Also for: Ovation ma8.2 Page 1 Operating instructions OVATION SD 6.2...; Page 3 Declaration of conformity (for EC only) We herewith confirm, that the unit to which this manual belongs fulfills the EC rules necessary to obtain the sign the necessary measurements were taken with positive results. AVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH Daimlerstraße 8 D-76316 Malsch Germany www.avm.audio..

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AVM Ovation SD 8. With the PA8, AVM had set out from the start to develop a modular high-end preamplifier that would complete the Ovation line of products, which represented the highest quality segment. We have extensively revised and consistently refined the technology in our products to provide more power, the perfect sound and reduce energy consumption AVM Ovation PA 8.2 flagship Modular Preamp Posted on 5th October 2017. The PA 8.2 features modular plug in cards. You can select from phono or digital inputs, FM tuner and two variants of line level inputs. The output can also be switched between solid state or valve based When I told him that I was looking for products to review in the reference system in my new 20' by 16' by 9' music room, he invited me to browse AVM's large catalog and see what tickled my fancy. In consultation with John Atkinson, it became clear that AVM's largest, most powerful monoblock amplifier, the Ovation MA8.2 ($29,990/pair), seemed a good fit While AVM are pitched at the higher end of the audio market, they have three core ranges: Inspiration, Evolution and Ovation. These ranges cover a broad price range from $1,499 for their Inspiration Phono Stage right up to $44,000 for their Ovation Series Monoblock Amplifier (which are incidentally the reference amplifiers of choice for StereoNET's Publisher, Marc Rushton )

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AVM Ovation PA 8.2/SA 8.2 pre/power amplifier Interview. Interview: Udo Besser. Ask AVM's boss how his company's range is doing in the UK and he's clearly pretty happy. 'It has really taken off, as we and distributor PMC have much in common: we're both family owned,. AVM Ovation PA 8.2/SA 8.2 pre/power amplifier Page 2 You can also set up the power amp to show a bar output display and value in watts, just the value, or nothing, while the 'load impedance' selection - 2, 4 or 8ohm - calibrates the display for the speakers in use Avm OVATION PA8 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Avm OVATION PA8 Operating Instructions Manua The CS 6. 2 and the CS 8.2 unify the award winning technologies of the AVM OVATION Line into a high performance All-in-One Audiophile Masterpiece. Also in respect of connectivity, the CS 6. 2 & 8.2 offer a complete selection: All common streaming formats are supported and a CD mechanism based on the exclusive TEAC [ AVM Ovation PA 8.2 53.900,00 DKK Forrygende modulær forforstærker med utallige slots til forskellige funktioner, lige som du ønsker den; Linieindgang m/u tonekontrol, MM/MC phonotrin, FM Tuner, Bluetooth, DSD DA-konverter, linie-udgang, rør-udgang eller Solid-State udgang


  1. g DSD DAC- -SOLD-Leave a reply. The SD6.2 preamplifier from German manufacturer AVM is a model in the top-of-the-line Ovation series. The SD6.2 is an excellent preamp and DSD128 streamer in one box. Including the metal RC3 remote,.
  2. AVM vs. Hegel. Yeah, I know -- it's not a fair fight. The Hegel Music Systems HD30 ($4800) costs less than half the price of the AVM Ovation SD 6.2 ($9990). In addition, Hegel has now updated their best digital architecture with the introduction of the DAC section in their stellar H590 integrated amplifier-DAC
  3. ated by red LEDs they look sinisterly pleasing
  4. AVM Ovation CS 8.3 High End All-in-One System mit 2x500W - inklusive Röhrenstufe.6% Sonderaktion! Der CS 8.3 vereint die preisgekrönten Technologien der AVM OVATION Serie in einem klangstarken All-in-One Gerät der Meisterklasse
  5. PMC, AVM's UK distributor, used The Indulgence Show for the UK debut of the new, German, AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier.. The PA 8.2, builds on the success of its predecessor the PA 8, is the perfect match for the company's MA 8.2 and SA 8.2 mono and stereo power amplifiers

AVM Ovation CS 8.3 Streaming CD Receiver Both the CS 8.3 and the CS 6.3 unify the award winning technologies of the AVM OVATION Line into a high performance All-in-One Audiophile Masterpiece. Also in respect of connectivity, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 offer a complete selection: All common streaming formats are supported and a CD mechanism based on the exclusive TEAC drive for AVM are on board AVM Ovation PA8 preamp and SA8.2 Power amp A magazine like Hi-Fi Plus has to be many things to many people. It needs to be able to deal both with the American ideal of more power is only just enough, and with the British and our innate fear of the Watt; that balanced operation is the only way to achieve true high-end audio, and that single-ended is the right and proper domain of the music lover

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6moons audio reviews: AVM

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